Betwelve, vegan Vitamin B12 of natural origin from the BIO Frères

Discover Betwelve, our vitamin B12 of natural origin active forms, particularly suitable for vegetarian and vegan diets.

This natural, organic and vegan food supplement provides a month’s worth of B12 for a family of 4.

It comes in a super stylish, reusable, recycled-cardboard container of 120 tablets with a renewable and sustainable cork lid.

Taking a tablet is not always something we like doing…but don’t panic, we have the solution – we have created some delicious flavours: apple, raspberry, pear and passion fruit to vary the joy.

And so that you can try them all and make your choice :
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Does not replace a varied and balanced diet or a healthy lifestyle. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.
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What is Vitamin B12?

vitamin b12 allegations

vitamin b12 allegations

B12 (Cobalamin for scientists or Betwelve for friends) is a vitamin that is essential for the normal formation of red blood cells, for the proper functioning of the nervous system and that helps reduce fatigue. It is produced by a process of bacterial fermentation which takes place mainly in cattle. It is then found in the meat consumed by humans with an omnivorous diet (i.e. meat eaters).

As humans are not able to produce this B12, if they wish to adopt a vegetarian or vegan diet they must find other sources of B12 to avoid deficiencies.

Luckily for us, since the 1970s, researchers have succeeded in recreating the conditions for bacterial fermentation in the laboratory (which occurs naturally in ruminants) making possible the synthesis of B12, also known as cyanobalamin. So, since then, it has been possible to stay healthy by supplementing with B12 without eating fresh meat and selling one’s vegan soul to the butcher. Unfortunately, this cyanocobalamin is synthesized. It is therefore not natural and is manufactured in a laboratory.

Of course, with a name like BIO Frères (Organic Brothers), we’re not really much of a fan….

But wait, there is something new:

Betwelve, our natural vitamin B12


packaging betwelve all

packaging betwelve all

Fortunately, there are now natural bacterial fermentation processes that produce Betwelve! Ours is therefore the result of a natural fermentation on a bed of our dear friends, the organic Shiitake mushroom… And bang, natural vitamin B12!

Our organic Shiitake powder contains a cocktail of 3 natural forms:

  • Hydroxycobalamin which is not bioactive, but only needs 3 transformations to become so (it is therefore better than Cyanocobalamin),
  • Methylcobalamin and Adenosylcobalamin which are bioactive and can therefore be used directly by the body.

We have put this organic-trio in tablets that we have designed with a recipe that contains as few ingredients as possible. For example, we have chosen a formula without silicon dioxide.

We take care to test each batch of tablets to ensure that they are always microbiologically safe.

If you have any doubts, or have heard that naturally occurring forms are not effective, we invite you to read our full article on the subject.

How to supplement with B12?

The European Food Safety Authority (ESFA) recommends 4µg (micrograms) for vitamin B12 for adults.  Unfortunately, this recommended amount does not take into account problems with absorption that come into play when taking food supplements. So supplementing with 4µg of vitamin B12 every day is not enough to prevent deficiency (otherwise it would be too easy).

We’ve packed our tablets with 25µg of B12 (625% of the reference intake) to make sure your body gets everything it needs every day and you stay healthy. Don’t worry, there is no maximum daily dose for B12, once your body has what it needs, it simply eliminates the rest and everyone is happy.

So just take 1 tablet a day in the middle of a meal – chew well or let it dissolve – to reach the recommended RDA. Great no ?

To find out much, much more about vitamin B12 and the science behind it:

Vitamin B12: the complete guide

An eco-friendly, reusable and super stylish container!

betwelve apple packaging

betwelve apple packaging


To hold all this without generating too much waste we provide 120 chewable tablets in one container for a month of B12 supplements for a family of 4.

Being interested in the welfare of our animal friends and then creating products with lots of plastic would make no sense, so we have thought of everything. Our container is a real champion of eco-friendliness.

  • It is made of recycled cardboard so no contribution to deforestation.
  • For the lid we chose natural cork that is recyclable forever!
  • The inner lining is suitable for food contact.
  • The container is covered by a label printed on FSC paper (eco-friendly paper management and Imprim’vert label). Its a peelable label so the container can be re-used to reduce waste. We are also working hard to provide you with refills in recyclable bags.

Simple ingredients & different flavours to please the whole family


b12 all ingredients

b12 all ingredients

We have carefully chosen organic ingredients to obtain tasty vitamin B12 chewable tablets :

  • Organic dextrose for a bit of crunch
  • Organic acacia gum & magnesium carbonate and silicate for a nice texture
  • Organic Shiitake powder (Lentinus edodes) which contains the secret of our natural B12 in the active forms Adenosyl, Hydroxy and Methylcobalamin
  • natural flavouring

And because everyone’s tastes are different, we have carefully designed some original flavours to vary the joy and please the whole family:

  • Raspberry
  • Apple
  • Passion fruit
  • Pear (with a touch of vanilla)
  • Coffee

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